COVID-19 Statement

Dear Valued Partner,

We hope you and your team have continued to stay safe and healthy during this critical time. As you know, Duty of Care remains the primary concern of Signature New Orleans. We are monitoring reports from the CDC and other government agencies to stay updated on the evolving situation. Signature New Orleans will be taking the following steps in order to reduce risk for our clients, passengers, staff, and chauffeur’s safety.

  • Chauffeurs are to monitor and keep a log of their temperature and submit to management daily.
  • Chauffeurs must always wear N95 mask and a new pair of gloves for every transfer.
  • Suspended the placement of periodicals, marketing materials and consumables like mints and candy in the back seats of vehicles. Water is given to client only on request.
  • Sensitizing chauffeurs to ensure there is no physical contact with the passenger and maintaining a sufficient distance from the passenger at all time.
  • We recommend clients to sit in a zig-zag formation and book larger vehicles like SUV, Van, or Minibus, so that there is sufficient distance between passenger and chauffeur.
  • Chauffeurs have been briefed to ensure that doors of the vehicle should always be opened/closed by chauffeur only (not passenger).
  • Chauffeurs must clean and disinfect the vehicle after every ride wearing hand gloves and using disinfectant. The common touched parts such as arm rests, seat belt and buckles, door handles, cup holders and window buttons should be properly disinfected immediately after the ride, using an alcohol based high grade disinfectant.
  • Upon passenger approval we keep the AC off and ride with the windows down during the ride to ensure proper air ventilation.
  • Upon passenger approval chauffeurs spray luggage with alcohol based high grade solution before putting bags in trunk.
  • Individual hand sanitizer in vehicles for passengers and chauffeurs to use.
  • Enacted new emergency standards for vehicle cleanliness and disinfection protocol during daily and weekly upkeep as well as increasing frequency of vehicle inspection. Daily, we will utilize our alcohol based high grade disinfectant nebulizing machine, which sanitizes every surface of the vehicle interior including the air filtration system.

Signature New Orleans is continuously monitoring the progress of the opening of businesses and will change safety polices as dictated by the CDC and other government agencies.

Thank you for your continued trust and patience as we work through this challenge together, and we hope to see you back on the road with us soon. Like in the past, New Orleans will be back stronger than ever.

Thank you,
The Signature New Orleans Team